4 reasons why you should take vitamin D every day


Vitamin D is a necessary nutrient for our bodies to absorb calcium and maintain healthy bones. While it is not found naturally in many foods, it can be obtained from salmon, sardines, fortified milk, and cereal. Furthermore, when you are exposed to direct sunlight, your body produces vitamin D by converting a chemical in your skin into an active form of the vitamin.

However, vitamin D deficiency is a common health issue that many people face due to medical conditions such as Crohn’s disease, which makes it difficult to absorb vitamin D, or for other reasons, according to the Cleveland Clinic, “Vitamin D deficiency is a worldwide problem. Around 1 billion people worldwide are vitamin D deficient, and 50% are vitamin D insufficient.

In the United States, approximately 35% of adults are vitamin D deficient.” As a result, many people turn to supplements and the Eat This, Not That! diet. Health spoke with experts about what to expect when taking vitamin D on a daily basis. As always, please seek medical advice from your doctor before taking any supplements. Many can have negative interactions with certain medications, resulting in harmful side effects.

Symptoms of Vitamin D Deficiency

According to Lisa Richards, a nutritionist, and author of the Candida Diet, “Signs and symptoms of vitamin D insufficiency might be easily dismissed as a byproduct of your hectic and tiring lifestyle. However, prolonged weariness and other symptoms can indicate a severe vitamin D deficit. Hair loss, muscle pain, and sadness are also unusual symptoms of vitamin D deficiency.”

4 reasons why taking Vitamin D every day is important

1. Strengthens your bones

Strengthens your bones 

According to Richards, “Vitamin D is required for your body to utilize the calcium it receives to support bone growth and health. When our vitamin D levels are low, this process is less efficient, and our bones can weaken. While we may not notice it at first, the consequences of chronic vitamin D deficiency may manifest later in life as weak bones.”

2. Enhance Your Energy Levels

Enhance Your Energy Levels

Doctor of Public Health, Registered Dietitian, and Licensed Dietitian Trista Best explains, “The immune system and vitality can both benefit from daily vitamin D supplementation. Because vitamin D is difficult to obtain from the diet, supplementing with it might be advantageous, especially for people who have a recognized shortage. Some vitamin D insufficiency symptoms are sometimes misdiagnosed as symptoms of other diseases. Chronic fatigue caused by vitamin D may be confused with exhaustion caused by age or normal life stress.”

3. Provides Immune Support

Provides Immune Support

The information provided by Richards suggests that “As a result of the immune system support effects that have been identified associated with vitamin D, its use is experiencing a surge in popularity. The active form of vitamin D helps to reduce inflammatory responses and increases immune cell synthesis.”

4. Aids Fatigue Relief

Aids Fatigue Relief

According to Best, “The relief from exhaustion experienced after correcting a vitamin D deficiency is unexpectedly large. You may be deficient in vitamin D if you experience persistent weariness, muscle weakness, mood disorders, and/or bone weakening.”

Vitamin D might have negative side effects.

As stated by Best, “Since vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin, it is feasible to reach lethal doses of this vitamin with supplementation. The initial adverse effects are quite moderate and consist of nausea, vomiting, frequent urination, and kidney problems. However, it can also result in more significant side effects such as bone loss and kidney stones. Vitamin D is responsible for enhancing the absorption of calcium, phosphate, and magnesium. The typical daily need for vitamin D is between 400 and 4000 IU.”

To live a Healthy, Happy, and Fulfilled life, We need to put our health first before anything.

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