6 Exercises That Burn More Fat Quickly Than Running


Running is not the only workout that helps you lose weight or Burn more fat. You don’t necessarily need to run to start losing weight if you know these workouts.

Before learning about the exercises that burn fat more, let’s first examine how weight loss occurs: You must have a calorie deficit in order to lose weight. This indicates that in order to maintain your present weight, your daily calorie intake must be less than what your body expends.

In order to make up for any shortage, the body will burn the calories that are stored, which leads to weight loss. No amount of running or activity can help you lose weight if you are not in a calorie deficit.

Exercises That Burn More Fat Rapidly

You should be aware that all forms of exercise can burn fat. The quantity of calories burned throughout exercise varies depending on how hard it is worked. To that end, here are six fat-burning activities you can do without running:

Jump Rope

Burn More Fat

Running can be effectively replaced by jumping rope. While there are advantages to jogging, there are also advantages to jumping rope.

Similar to running, jumping rope helps you get fitter by strengthening joints, increasing stamina, and building muscle endurance. It’s interesting that jump ropes can be used to perform full routines, such as combining skips and jumps or utilizing them in conjunction with other workouts.

Jump ropes are a useful weight-loss workout alternative to running.



One workout that has always burned more fat than running, if not more, then at least as much, is cycling.

Cycling is also a great way to strengthen the legs, particularly the quads and calves. Due to the constant strain on the leg muscles, riders frequently have large calves.

Resistance Training

Unquestionably, one of the exercises that burn more fat than jogging is resistance training.

Each muscle group is worked on using both free weights and machines. The body must constantly produce energy when engaging in resistance exercise. This makes this workout an excellent technique to burn fat since it forces the body to constantly burn calories to keep generating fuel.

Resistance training has to be your top pick from the list of workouts that burn more fat than running.

HIIT Training

High intensity interval training AKA, HIIT. In this type of training, you perform an exercise with 100% effort, then either rest for 20 seconds or perform the same exercise with 20% effort.

Sprints are a prime instance of this.

You can run vigorously for 30 seconds, then jog gently for 20 seconds. Although HIIT training is used for running, it can be used for any kind of exercise.

Kettlebell Swing

kettlebell swing

The most popular way to work out with a kettlebell is the kettle swing. It’s a good all-around workout, but it’s especially beneficial for your lower body.

This is a workout that benefits from the use of both hands, thus beginning with a manageable weight is recommended. You can progress to lifting greater weights as your strength increases.


Burpees are full-body exercises that use practically all of the muscles in the body. They have also been shown to be quite helpful for cardiac exercises.

When you perform burpees, you give the body an opportunity to burn more calories in order to produce the extra energy needed for the workout. You don’t have to perform full burpees every time.

Half burpees are a burpee version for beginners that do not require a push-up at the conclusion. Before moving on to the more difficult version of the workout, you can utilize that as a stepping stone.

Do any of the exercises above to burn more fat in no time. sources

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